This is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down

This is the first post for this blog. I hope it will be a success. Or, at least, unlike many of my blogs in the past, slowly degrade into nothing. My name is Chris Reese and I am starting this blog with a few of my university friends. I plan on using this mostly as a space to write out my thoughts on teaching, literature, theory, and everything in-between. I do not want this (or at least my sections) to turn into a typical teacher blog when I just bitch about everything all the time. I want every post I make to have a point, to have some sort of objective meaning, and hopefully to both delight and instruct.

I currently work as a telephone English instructor for South Koreans. It is immensely fun, much more so than a typical teaching job mostly due to the fact that I do every day while still in my pajamas, and I discuss and hold conversations more than any actual frontal teaching. I have  a feeling most of my posts will revolve around this in some way or another. Due to the 13 hour time difference between the US and South Korea, I live on a Korean schedule and most of my contacts with the outside world are Koreans. I am slowly understanding more and more Korean culture, and would like to expand upon it here. I am currently learning Korean, so I may also use this blog as a way to test out my Korean, or talk about Korean in a linguistic sense. It is a seriously cool language.

Anyway, expect a post sometime this weekend on the merits and failings of telephone English this weekend. It’ll be a dozy.


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