…we wish.

This blog is intended for intellectual growth, study, and observation.  It is a way for us to keep in practice with our writing and our literary passions.  It is a story of five friends from college who are looking for a place in this crazy world.

Here are our stories:


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After graduation, I experienced a writing–and reading–lull.

I am thrilled that Chris started this blog, and I intend to utilize it for continued writing practice.  My main interests lie in Modernism, Ernest Hemingway, literary theory, and stylistics.   I have a few papers in stylistics, especially, that I would like to expand upon here. I graduated with a B.A. in English, and am currently pursuing my M.A. in Publishing at Rosemont College.

[I literally want to sit in an office, read manuscripts, and christen them with a red pen in hand.  I am currently looking for an entry-level editorial position to get my foot in the door, and my ultimate goal is to be in one of the big publishing cities.]

That was my goal. Now that I’m in school, I’m not so sure. I currently work at a small marketing company in Montgomeryville, Pa. and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. I have delved into social media strategies, search engine optimization, email marketing and analytic reporting, and also copywriting and editing newspapers, press releases, blog posts, and ads for production. I expect to graduate with my M.A. in Spring ’15, and after that I think I would like to take everything I have learned in marketing and apply that knowledge to the book publishing industry. I JUST WANT TO WORK WITH BOOKS.

I enjoy coffee (what writer doesn’t), crosswords, and short stories. Reading 50 books in 2014 was a joke. A well-intended, wishful-thinking joke. SO I cut down to 25 in 2015. I’m on 5 or so, I could really make this happen!

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My name is Moe and I have overdue library books. My friend Josh tells me that I’m right-brained. I admit that I’m not exactly sure what he means by “right-brained” because I study writing more than he studies the brain. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that this qualification explains why its so hard for me to pick a favorite color. I do have a favorite food though. I’ll tell you what it is if you ask. Speaking of food, I like to cook. I also like jazz. And baseball.  I like to think and I plan on distracting myself with all sorts  of moonlight this year. I made two resolutions for 2013:

  1. Read books like you breathe air.
  2. Do not fall asleep with your glasses on.

I’ll share my balderdash if you want me to. And I’ll probably fall asleep with my glasses on. Now you know all about my life:




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